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Emotional Abuse (Gaslighting), Marriage & Family, Veterans, Individuals, Couples, Personality Disorders Sexual, Reunification, EMDR, PTSD.

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Office Cell: 972 693-4293

Facsimile: 972 692-5427

Autobiography  of Dawn Rachél Floran, PhD(C), MBA, MA, LPC and Veteran

(Former 68X, Behavioral Health Specialist in the US Army and US Army National Guard)

Although I am a Texan, I was born, Dawn Rachel Janosik on July 8, 1969, in Chula Vista, CA. I have lived in the Dallas area since the age of about 2. Like lots of kids of my generation, we were latch-key kids. Thankfully, my mother's parents were very much involved in the rearing of us grandkids. One thing I can look back and be proud of is that both of my grandparents were raised during the Great Depression and were sharecroppers. My grandparents passed on their appreciation for the simple things in life like food and shelter. I married at the very early age of seventeen and had the first of my three wonderful daughters at the age of nineteen. In a very volatile marriage, I managed to raise three amazing women who have gone on to do great things with their lives. My eldest daughter is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Fort Worth, TX, and her sisters are both chemical engineers. Also, I now have two great sons-in-law.

My first marriage held together for twenty-two years. Once my daughters entered college, I enlisted into the US Army National Guard where I also served in the regular US Army for two years of my eight years. My experience in the military was awesome as I was able to deploy to Baghdad, Iraq. A unique experience for me was to be able to work as a therapist with the Detainees and Service members. It was a life-changing experience for me. An interesting note about us all is that we are truly lovers of dogs.

My educational background includes starting at the community college level and continuing until I was ready to commit to a full-time four-year university, Texas Wesleyan University, in Fort Worth, TX. I started there in 2002, and I am still going. Other than my daughters and husband, my passion is for learning and serving others.

Currently, I live in Rowlett and office in Rockwall, TX. I love water, so living close to Lake Ray Hubbard will have to work for now – being there’s no ocean nearby. I love this area and the people. My goal is to continue growing my practice and learning everything I can to serve my Clients.


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Lake Ray Hubbard Counseling, PLLC.

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