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Emotional Abuse (Gaslighting), Marriage & Family, Veterans, Individuals, Couples, Personality Disorders Sexual, Reunification, EMDR, and PTSD.


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Autobiography  of Dawn Rachél Floran, PhD, MBA, MA, LPC-S and Veteran

(Former 68X, Behavioral Health Specialist in the US Army and US Army National Guard)

While I hail from Texas, my birth took place in Chula Vista, CA, on July 8, 1969, under the name Dawn Rachel Janosik. Establishing my roots in the Dallas area from the age of about 2, my childhood mirrored that of many in my generation, characterized by a latch-key upbringing. However, the significant involvement of my maternal grandparents during those years provided crucial support. Their experiences growing up as sharecroppers during the Great Depression left an indelible mark on my values, fostering a profound appreciation for life's basic necessities, such as sustenance and shelter.

Early in life, at the tender age of seventeen, I embarked on marriage and soon became a mother to three exceptional daughters by the age of nineteen. Despite the challenges inherent in my marriage, I wholeheartedly devoted myself to raising these remarkable young women, each of whom has since achieved significant milestones in their respective fields. My eldest daughter has emerged as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Fort Worth, TX, while her sisters have excelled as accomplished chemical engineers. Presently, I am fortunate to also embrace two admirable sons-in-law into our family fold.

My first marriage endured for a period of twenty-two years. As my daughters pursued higher education, I felt compelled to serve in the US Army National Guard, subsequently extending my service to the regular US Army for two years out of my eight-year tenure. My deployment to Baghdad, Iraq, proved to be a life-altering chapter, particularly through my role as a therapist engaging with both Detainees and Service members, leaving an enduring impact on my life trajectory.

My educational journey commenced at the community college level, eventually leading me to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, TX, a commitment that commenced in 2002 and continues to this day. Beyond my roles as a mother and wife, I harbor an unwavering passion for continuous learning and serving the community.

At present, my residence is situated in Rowlett, with my professional practice based in Rockwall, TX. Despite the absence of an ocean, my close proximity to the enchanting waters of Lake Ray Hubbard satiates my love for aquatic environments. Fondly embracing the local community and its residents, my ambitions revolve around the continued expansion of my practice and the relentless pursuit of knowledge to better cater to the needs of my valued clientele.


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